May Happy Hour

WHAT: Padre Island Parrot Head Club of CC May Happy Hour

WHEN: Thursday, May 18th

WHERE: The Waterline at Doc’s

TIME: 5:00 PM

REASON TO PARTY: The Norman Initiative


Kimberly Kemp, Executive Director of The Norman Initiative and her husband Mark will be in attendance.

The Norman Initiative Wish List
Thank you for helping us help the community cats!

Most needed:
Potty pads of all sizes (I use 30 – 45 each week)
Cat/kitten dry food
To feed TNR cats that are in recovery with me for 1 – 7 days.
Purina Naturals or any without food coloring
Cat/Kitten canned food
To top the kibble for the TNR cats when they come back from spay/neuter
surgery. They need moisture and protein.
Latex or similar gloves – I use 20-30 pairs each week.
Things I use daily for colony cats:
Purina Naturals dry food
Friskies canned food
Three colonies of cats that are fed daily because they have no one. They
have all been sterilized and vaccinated, and flea preventative is applied as
funds allow.
Monetary support is always a huge blessing to pay for TNR surgeries, and I help as many injured or sick cats as I can even if it’s necessary for euthanasia to end suffering. I also use the funds to purchase the flea preventative at P.A.A.C., the low-cost clinic on Ayers.
Things you might have at home:
Linens – towels (all sizes), sheets, pillowcases
Plastic utensils (like what you get in your takeout meals)
Small to medium plastic bowls like from microwave meals, or shallow bowls from yogurt, cottage cheese, or sour cream. No lids necessary.
Zip Ties of all sizes

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